HoshiBoshi Productions (or HoshiBoshi Pro) is the umbrella name for all male idol Japanese Pop recording artists collective that are under contract with UP-FRONT and managed by @1. HoshiBoshi was created in 2009. The "fathership" group of HoshiBoshi is HI-5 (being the first group to debut). It is also one of the brother groups of DreamS. The producer of HoshiBoshi Pro is Icchan. 


In 2009, Tsunku decided that while making his new collective group made up of fresh new girls (which resulted in DreamS), he decided to also produce a new collective group made up of boy bands. Because he had too much groups to handle at this point, he let Icchan become producer of HoshiBoshi. Auditions were held around the same time as the DreamS auditions, and picked a total of 15 boys. They all started off as the junior program, Little Ouji. 

Nine months into the program, Icchan produced and picked 5 boys/Little Oujis to become the main group of HoshiBoshi, called "HI-5". They debuted on September 14, with "Lady Diamond".

As of July 2013, there are 18 Little Oujis, and 4 groups.

Current Groups


  • HI-5 
  • TθPAZ
  • AoiSora
  • JupiNus
  • Luminus


Group Name Period of Time
HI-5 Nakajima Haru September 14, 2009 - Present


Nagase Ren June 20, 2011 - Present
AoiSora Higashikawa Sora May 1, 2012 - Present
JupiNus Uehara Takeo March 17, 2013 - Present
Luminus Akimoto Kureno May 25, 2013 - Present