Chisana Hana




Japanese Pop, Japanese Rock

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BH Records

Associated Acts

Hello Pro Kenshuusei

Current Members

Fukunaka Eri (2011-Present)
Arakawa Kame (2011-Present)
Bando Kaede (2011-Present)
Kin Momoko (2011-Present)

Chisana Hana (小さな花; Little Flower) is a Japanese girl group consists of four members under the Hello! Project Girls Division.  The group was formed to spread awareness of disastrous causes, like the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. The original members of the group are all former Hello! Project Eggs members.

The group name is based on the quote "The Flower will start little, but the more we help, the more it grows!", which is usually said by Fukunaka at lives.

Their group color is Lavender.




Chisana Hana was formed January 11. The group started having promotional concerts, handshake events and donations to cause awareness, after the tsunami in Japan happened.

April 18, Chisana Hana released their first awareness single called Shibaraku Omachinasai. Over 2,000,000 copies were sold.

In May, Chisana Hana had a worldwide handshake event for donations. Fukunaka and Kame went to Taiwan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, North Korea and the Phillipines. Bando and Kin went to Japan, Germany, America, France, Italy, Spain and Austria. Altogether,the group went to Canada and Russia.

July 8, Chisana Hana released the single My Tomodachi!

December 12, Chisana Hana released the single Sekai ga Nakayoku Shite Kudasai!. It was in memory of all the people who died in wars.


Chisana Hana had promotional lives every Friday in both January and February.

April 13, Chisana Hana released the single Wareware wa Subete no Yuujindaeru. The song is against racism in the world. From then on, Chisana Hana had an asian country tour in the following countries: Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea.

October 4, it was announced that Chisana Hana will be performing at the Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Winter 2013 ~Viva!~ & ~Bravo!~.

October 1, Chisana Hana released their first mini album EARTH!.

October 13, It was announced that Chisana Hana will be releasing the single "Celebrate!" for their anniversary on November 11.

October 20, It was announced that Chisana Hana will be releasing their first original album "1 Thank You!".


February 21,Chisana Hana released their 6th single My Days.

April 11,Chisana Hana announced the release of their 7th single,Chisana Happy Day. It was released July 7, 2013.


January 20, on We are Chisana Hana!, it was announced that Chisana Hana's first concert at the Nippon Budokan. It took place April 14, the day after the release of their 9th single.

After their 9th single and Budokan, Chisana Hana began their nationwide tour, making them only able to release a mini album for the rest of the year.


On June 1, Chisana Hana was transferred over to Hello! Project Girls Division.

On July 4, the Chisana Hana Matsuri was announced. The event would take place at Nippon Budokan on September 14, 2016.


On March 13, it was announced that Chisana Hana would disband in the spring of 2019. The decision was made after several months of discussion. The following press statement from management was released:

As always, thank you for supporting Chisana Hana.

We apologize for the sudden announcement, but it has been decided that Chisana Hana will disband in Spring 2019. This has been a decision that the staff and members have come to after six months of discussion and debate. It was not a topic we took lightly. However, all four members have expressed their desires to go on separate paths, after working for almost eight years together.

Chisana Hana will have multiple events and releases leading up the their final concert, and will work hard to leave their mark in the entertainment world.

Again, we thank you for your continuous support of Chisana Hana.

~Girls Division Staff, March 2018

On June 13, it was confirmed that Chisana Hana would disband on March 1, 2019. Their final concert would be held at Saitama Super Arena.

On August 23, Chisana Hana held their third Chisana Hana Matsuri event at Nippon Budokan.


On January 10, Chisana Hana held their final FC Bus Tour. The tour went around Hokkaido, Japan.

On January 30, Chisana Hana released their final single, We go now / Itsumo Watashi no Soba de.

On February 11, Chisana Hana released their Best of Album.



  1. [2011.04.18] Shibaraku Omachinasai. (しばらく お待ちなさい; Please wait for a while)
  2. [2011.06.08] My Tomodachi!
  3. [2011.12.12] Sekai Ga Nakayoku Shite Kudasai! (世界 が 仲良く して ください!; World, Please get along!)
  4. [2012.04.13] Wareware wa Subete no Yuujindearu (我々 わ すべて の 友人である; We're all friends)
  5. [2012.07.05] MOVING TOGETHER
  6. [2012.11.11] Celebrate! 
  7. [2013.02.21] My Days
  8. [2013.07.07] Chisana Happy Day
  9. [2013.11.26] OPERATION: SAVE THE EARTH!
  10. [2014.04.13] NO WAY JOSE / Jibun no Michi = Mokutekichi (NO WAY JOSE/自分 の 道 = 目的地; NO WAY JOSE / My way = Destination)
  11. [2014.07.26] SUMMER BLUES / Issho ni.
  12. [2014.11.01] Seishun Destination
  13. [2015.02.04] Watashi no Kokoro no Uchi "Jogakusei Chronicles" (私の心の中「女学生のクロニクル」; Inside of my Heart "School Girl Chronicles")
  14. [2015.06.19] THE OPEN WORLD / Kishi Kaisei
  15. [2015.10.17] Onnarashii Tsuyo / I'm not Crying
  16. [2016.03.27] The Spring of Departure / Hitotsu no Chikara
  17. [2016.08.10] FLOWER FIELDS / Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo / Chisana Hana Matsuri!
  18. [2017.01.24] Sen no Negai / TEARDROP
  19. [2017.06.30] Chisana Hana no Natsu! / TO THE TOP / Ai no Theme
  20. [2017.10.01] 74okubun no 1 no Kimi e / Ude wo Kunde (74億分の1の君へ / 腕を組んで; You're One in 7.4 Billion / Arm in Arm)
  21. [2018.04.25] Hakanai Monogatari / Kikyou (儚い物語 / 帰郷; An Ephemeral Tale / Homecoming)
  22. [2018.09.13] Plastic Heart / Kumori no Hi


  1. [2012.12.05] 1 Thank You!
  2. [2014.03.13] 2 Iroppoi Hana
  3. [2016.09.01] 3 World Stage!!
  4. [2017.11.28] 4 Conquer
  5. [2018.12.12] Hana

Mini Albums

  1. [2012.10.01] EARTH!
  2. [2014.10.28] OPEN THE SHOW!

Best Albums

  1. [2019.02.11] Chisana Hana Best Collection ~Watashi no soba ni iru anata to Hachi nen~ (Chisana Hana Best Collection ~私のそばにいるあなたと八年~; Chisana Hana Best Collection ~Eight Years With You by my Side~)


TV Shows

  • [2011-2013] Chisana News!
  • [2011-present] We are Chisana Hana!
  • [2017-present] Chisana Hana TV


  • [2011.05.16] Chisana Hana!
  • [2013.01.11] Oku no Ai - Bijin Hana 1 -
  • [2013.05.04] Oku no Support - Bijin Hana 2 -
  • [2013.08.29] Motto Utahime - Bijin Hana 3 -
  • [2013.10.10] Sono Hoka no Iro - Bijin Hana 4 - 
  • [2014.02.09] Motto Kin - Bijin Hana 5 - 
  • [2014.06.08] Spotlight de Tabi - Bijin Hana 6 - 
  • [2015.01.03] SATOYAMA no Chisana Hana - Bijin Hana 7 -
  • [2016.11.24] Chisana Hana Matsuri - Bijin Hana 8 -


  • [2012.01.14] Happy World
  • [2015.03.23] 3•2•1• We are Beauty!
  • [2017.07.30] Summer Paradise.


  • [2012-2013] Around the World!
  • [2013-2017] Introducing Hana Onna
  • [2017-2019] Chisana Hana Relay!


  • The group is also associated with the Red Cross.
  • The members' goal is to hold a "Chisana Hana Festival" at a large venue.
  • From 2011 to 2012, Tsugunaga Momoko and Suzuki Airi were the mentors of the group.
  • Out of all the Hello! Project groups, Chisana Hana hold the most nominations and award wins.
  • To thank them for the efforts, a parade was held for them January 11,2013 in Chiba, which was also on the group's two year anniversary.