Bella Raggaza (Italian for 'Pretty Girls') was a unit consisting of Happy Jikan member Wang Dao Ming and Morning Musume's Saburo Mami and Kudo Haruka. The group's formation was first announced November 14, 2012.

After the Bella Rosa anime ended, Bella Ragazza disbanded.



November 14, on his blog, Tsunku announced that he was forming a new group, called 'Bella Raggaza'. The group was formed to sing the openings of the 2013 anime called 'Bella Rosa'. It was announced that they were performing Buono's 'Kimi Ga Ireba' at Happy Jikan 12th Birthday Concert Tour Fall 2012 ~Charge!Fight!My Love!~.


January 1st, the release of their first single was announced. Bella Raggaza's first single, Ciao e Arrivederci, is set to be release March 21, 2013.The single reached #1 on it's first day,with 45,678 copies sold.

March 1st,Bella Ragazza announced their second single,Welcome to Italia!.It was released August 28,2013.


March 19, Bella Ragazza released their third and final single., Italy no Ryokucha!. It reached #6 on the charts, selling 17,293 copies.

May 11, it was announced that Bella Rosa would be ending after it's third season. After the final episode aired July 15, Bella Ragazza officially disbanded.




  • [2013.03.21] Ciao e Arrivederci (Hello and Goodbye)
  • [2013.08.28] Welcome to Italia! (Welcome to Italy!)
  • [2014.03.15] Italy no Ryokucha! (イタリアの緑茶)


  • Fans called the group "The New Buono!". t.
  • This was Saburo Mami and Kudou Haruka's first sub-unit.
  • The anime the group was formed for was made by Peach-pit (the same people who made 'Shugo Chara!').