~Believe in Wonderland~ is the 1st concert tour of Believe! Morning Musume. Their outfits for the first songs are Alice in Wonderland themed, the stage was also set up like Wonderland.

Members Featured

Songs Performed

  1. Sayonara No Kawari Ni
  2. Kare To Issho Omise ga Shitai
  3. Souda! Were Alive
  4. Renai Hunter
  5. Tomo
  6. Namidacchi
  7. Iroppoi Jirettai
  8. Onna To Otoko no Lullaby Game
  9. Seishun Collection
  10. Hatsukoi Cider (Reana, Mandi, Kristen)
  11. Ame no Furanai Hoshi wa Aisenai Darou
  12. Fantasy Ga Hajimaru
  13. Natsu Dakara (Reana, Mandi, Kristen)
  14. Sekaiichi HAPPY No onna no ko
  15. Aruiteru
  16. Tachia Girl
  17. LOVE Machine
  18. Suki-chan
  19. Pyoco Pyoco ULTRA
  20. Kono Chikyuu No Heiwa Wo Negatterun Da yo
  21. Namida Ga Tomaranai Houkago
  22. Only You
  23. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari
  24. Yume Miru 15
  25. Amazuppai Haru ni SakuraSaku
  26. Momoiro Sparkling
  27. My Days For you
  28. Asu wa deeto (Mandi, Kristen, Karina, Reana)
  29. Please! ~Miniskirt Post woman~
  30. All for one and one for all
  31. Busu Ni Naranai Tetsugaku
  32. Shabondama
  33. Shiroi Tokyo
  34. Furusato
  35. Uchouten LOVE
  36. Resonant Blue
  37. Ama no jaku
  38. Shortcut
  39. Ganbaranakutemo eenende


  • Some people thought it would be difficult for a group of 5 who just entered to perform a 39 song concert.
  • The members were worried that they might faint halfway due to tiredness.
  • Mandi, Reana and Kristen had lesser breaks than Karina and Sophia considering the fact the 3 of them had to perform in all the songs.
  • It started with all the members in Alice In Wonderland themed clothes which points out why the title was ~Believe In Wonderland~.
  • It was said the title was also chosen because everything started out with 1 person Believing.
  • Sophia was dressed up as the White Queen, Mandi was dressed up as Alice, Karina was dressed up as the Red Queen, Reana was dressed up as the White Rabbit, Kristen was dressed up as the Cheshire Cat.
  • From Souda! We're Alive until Seishun Collection, they wore white vests similar to the ones in Renai Hunter along with tutus in their member color and white boots.
  • Reana, Mandi and Kristen wore outifts similar to those in Hatsukoi Cider while performing Hatsukoi Cider.
  • During Fantasy Ga Hajimaru until Tachiagirl, they wore the promotional outfits of Morning Musume for Rival Survival. 
  • Tsunku said that during Hatsukoi Cider, Reana's voice was on full power, When asked what he meant, he said: Reana's voice is good, nice and everything but you can always think that she can do much better, and apparently, while she was singing Hatsukoi Cider, I could feel the words touch my heart, I never heard her voice like that ever since, I'm hoping to hear it once again, honestly, Mandi was also really good in her vocals, she just needed a bit more confidence.