BMMM Twintails

Concert banner ~Twintails~

~Twintails~ is Believe! Morning Musume 's 2nd Concert. It has 3 more songs than the first concert and was said to be a challenge to see if they can overcome struggles and will do anything to keep their idol position. The members were said to have performed the concert beautifully. Everyone was amazed by how Mandi and Reana were able to take on dueting 2 fast-paced songs all alone (Considering the fact they were still developing their dancing and singing skills).

Members Featured

Songs performed

  1. Cha Cha Sing
  2. Loving You Too much
  3. Never Gonna Stop! (Mandi, Reana, Kristen)
  4. Busu Ni Naranai Tetsugaku
  5. Kiss Me Aishiteru
  6. Daite HOLD ON ME
  7. Dear My Friends (Mandi)
  8. Doki Doki Baby (Kristen)
  9. Dot Bikini
  10. LOVE Machine
  11. Be Genki! Naseba Naru
  12. Kare To Issho Omise ga Shitai
  13. ~FOREVER~ Anata Ni Aitai (Reana)
  14. Kimagure Princess
  15. Shouganai Yume Oibito
  16. Kanashimi Twilight
  17. Koi No Telephone GOAL (Sophia, Karina, Reana)
  18. Momochii Urushite Nyan Taisou (Reana)
  19. Morning Coffee (Sophia, Mandi)
  20. Do it! Now
  21. Koko Ni Iruzee
  22. Naichau Kamo
  23. Nanchatte Renai
  24. One Two Three
  25. One Two Three (Reana, Mandi)
  26. The Peace! (Karina, Kristen)
  27. Pyoco Pyoco Ultra
  28. Renai Hunter
  29. Suki Yo, Junjou Hankouki
  30. Shabondama
  31. Song for the DATE (Karina)
  32. Shabondama (Reana, Mandi)
  33. Summer Night Town (Sophia)
  34. Words For You (Mandi, Reana and 2 other classmates)
  35. Reborn!
  36. Aitai, Aitai, Aitai Na
  37. Whats Up? Ai no dono do you!
  38. Renai Revolution 21
  39. Chotto Mate Kudasai!
  40. Wakuteka Take a Chance!
  41. Baby Koi ni KNOCK OUT (Mandi, Kristen, Karina)
  42. Cats Eye 7


  • When asked why Reana was in most performances rather than having it equal Tsunku answered that it was due to the fact she could memorize alot quicker, knows more songs and can speak more fluent in Japanese than the other members. It wasn't meant to bring the other members down or tire Reana but to tell them to work as hard as her to be able to catch up and considered REAL Morning Musume Members.
  • They all wore Pigtails for this Concert.