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BH Records (until November 30, 2012)

@1 (December 1, 2012-May 12, 2013)

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H.P Super Idols, Morning Musume, SCORE!, DIY☆, Shin Sedai, Ushinawareta Hitsuji,PonPonii, Nagareboshi, 3 to 1, North Star









Believe! Morning Musume (Shinjitsu! Morning Musume, Believe!, BMM) was a Jpop girlgroup formed in 2012 focused on releasing their own versions of songs and then disbanded the next year due to multiple graduations and personal issues.

The group originally debuted with 5 members, Sophia, Mandi, Karina, Reana and Kristen, with Tina being the MC for concerts. Mandi then graduated from the group on December 13, 2012 due to personal issues, Eniko was then announced during Mandi's graduation concert along with Tina joining fully as a member. They then continued on with 6 members, Sophia, Eniko, Karina, Reana, Kristen and Tina. Karina then announced her leave from the group for reasons unnanounnced, she officially left on May 12, 2013. Later on, Reana announced her graduation from the group to focus on Vii-iii. After a day or a week of Reana's announcement, their disbandment was also announced.

They officially disbanded on May 12, 2013 after their final tour.

Former Members

  • Sophia - Black
  • Mandi - Neon Green (Officially graduated December 13, 2012)
  • Eniko - Neon Orange (Continued working under DIY☆)
  • Karina - Neon Blue (Officially graduated for unknown reasons)
  • Reana - Neon Pink (Left to focus on PonPonii, Vii-iii and AES)
  • Kristen - Neon Red/Yellow (Left to focus on PonPonii and AES)
  • Tina - Neon Purple (Continued MC duties)



The group was formed on June 24, 2012. It was made entirely of six Filipino girls. Tsunku stated that the group would be a cover group and that Sophia was chosen to be the leader (instead of Reana, who found out about Hello! Project before any of the five other members). It was also announced that Tina would not be performing as much as the other members, due to her weak performance skills.

October 14, Mandi was told to graduate due to her sickness. It was confirmed it is only a temporary graduation.

October 20, They released their first ever cover which is Wakuteka Take a Chance!. It was also revealed they would finish all of Morning Musume's past songs before proceeding to cover other songs of the other groups and soloists within Hello! Project. (Although they later on released Samui Ne).

October 25, Mandi returned and performed in the concert: "Believe! Morning Musume Concert ~Mandi-chan, Okaerinasai! THIS IS FOR YOU~" along with all the other members of Believe! Morning Musume.

October 30, Sophia and Mandi released Believe! Morning Musume's version of Morning Coffee.

November 3, They released their cover of Shabondama as well as their cover of Renai Hunter.

November 5, They released their covers of Kanashimi Twilight, Pyoco Pyoco Ultra and Do it! Now.

November 6, (basically 12 midnight of November 5) BMM released their cover of Samui Ne.

November 8-12, They performed with Lala and Tanaka Reina on her birthday event named: "Lala, Tanaka Reina & Believe! Morning Musume 2012 ~ Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu Lala-senpai, Tanaka-senpai".

November 12, The unit PonPonii was announced by Tsunku to have Kristen and Reana of BMM

November 15, a rumor went around that Mandi would be leaving Believe! Morning Musume, DIY☆, Shin Sedai and H.P SUPER IDOLS.. It was also said that she is going to make another unit along with 2 of her classmates.

November 19, Karina confronted Mandi face-to-face and confirmed that Mandi WASN'T graduating. However, on December 1, Mandi and Reana announced on their blogs that Mandi would be graduating from Hello! Project on the last day of the Believe! Morning Musume 2012 Concert Tour ~Anata nashi de nenkan~ Mandi Graduation Special. Also on December 1, Believe! Morning Musume were switched to the @1 label.

December 3, An interview with all the BMM members EXCEPT Mandi was held during practice.

What are your feeings on Mandi's graduation announcement?


"I'm not angry or anything, but, it feels like she practically ditched us. It's usually just me, Kristen and Reana who hang out alot during lunch. . .I never really approach Mandi but Kristen and Reana do. . .Doesn't seem like they have any luck 'bout pulling her out of the classroom to talk to her. It makes me think that I really have to work hard as a leader. Mandi's replacement for main vocals haven't been announced yet, so it can be anyone. Tina will be starting to work fully now since Mandi's going to graduate. I thought the group would last full and beat Melon Kinenbi's record but I guess not. Karina's the subleader now. . .I can't say I don't trust her but more like, she's not very reliable."


"I found out about it later than everyone else because I don't really hang out with them but I DO when I CAN. Mandi doesn't go out at all. She just stares with her Poker Face. Makes me think if she's tired of us. . .A lot more stress has been added on me, I'm now the subleader of Believe! Morning Musume AND Believe!, my lines might increase. I'm not saying that singing more is a bad thing but I'm really bad with memorization. I'm going to do the best I can as subleader and help BMM reach high! So that Mandi would feel like wanting to come back!"


"Firstly, I was heart broken. Lol. Not the heart broken you're thinking of but, like, it was my dream for some time and it just fell apart when everything was getting into place? Haha. But of course, I'm not just upset because of my dream falling apart but because Mandi is leaving us. Y'know I think I'm going to have the longest comment Hehe!~ Anyways, Mandi really didn't talk to me all the way since 2nd term started. I felt VERY sad. I felt really lonely and everything since she's the only one in class who really knows what the heck is going on with me outside of school. We used to talk pretty much 24/7 but that officially STOPPED when she started getting VERY close to. . .I can't really say her name haha! Anyways, right now we really don't talk. The only time we ever talk is during swimming classes which isn't pretty much. . .Its really hard not talking to someone I used to talk to daily. . .But I guess I just have to move on as well."


"She's an idiot. Haha joking! But anyways, she ditched us! Why does ti always seem like she's the only one who's always being pulled away from the group? Obviously she seems "friendlier" than the rest of us. . .But. . .How come she lets herself go so easily? Sure she's not that "soft" but still! We need her in the group! We're too used to calling her "Dad". Its hard to stop."


"It's like we're slowly falling apart. Reana told me that even I wasn't talking to them or hanging out. There's not much for me to say since I'm going to seem like a hypocrite if I criticize her about not hanging out anymore. But its painful."

December 6, Kristen's member color was changed to Neon Red.

December 13, On the day of Mandi's graduation, they announced that Eniko would be signed under Up Front and will be completely replacing Mandi. Tina will continue her MC duties. Eniko's official member color is Orange.

December 13, it was announced that Reana would be holding her own solo event! It is titled: "Reanachii 2013 1st Solo Event ~No Hesitation~"

She will be performing on the following dates:

  • March 24, 2012
  • March 25, 2012
  • March 27, 2012
  • March 28, 2012
  • March 30, 2012
  • March 31, 2012


February 6, It was announced that Karina would be graduating on the last day of their upcoming tour

February 8, Rumors about Reana's graduation, BMM's disbandment and Cancellation of their upcoming tour surfaced,  The member were interviewed about this, Reana also posted it on her own website, more information here. The rumors were all proven true.

June 11, Rumors surfaced about Tsunku making a revival group including the members who never intended on leaving Hello! Project but did due to the disbandment. So far, the rumors include 3 of the original line up: Reana, Kristen and Sophia.

June 16, Tsunku revealed through his blog that Believe! Morning Musume actually recorded an original song, although it was never released. On his blog post he wrote:

"I was actually proud of Believe! Morning Musume, despite them being a really short term group...They had talent, they would've made it far if they stayed together, considering their bonds and friendship. 

Through that, I wrote an original song and made them record it. I was still thinking about when I would release it but, they disbanded before I knew it. I thought I would share the song anyways, lets take today, June 16, 2013 as its release date. Let me present to you, Believe! Morning Musume's 1st and Last original song, 'Beat the Rhythm to my Pace' enjoy."

and placed a link to Youtube, the video was unlisted so only those who have the link can see it.

December 19, Pledis Entertainment announced the forming of Nagareboshi, a sub group to Happy Pledis supposedly composed of the bands under both Pledis and Up-Front, the members will be the following: North Star Believe! Morning Musume 3 to 1 Nagareboshi's 1st single was announced to be a cover of Love Letter originally by Happy Pledis. It is a Christmas special and will be released on December 23, 2013. Tsunku announced on his blog that the CEO of Pledis took interest in the group and requested a revival, Tsunku agreed to this and formed a B!MM revival group composed of 2 new members and some from the original line up:

The group will now consist of 6 members and will 90% only promote within Nagareboshi.




  • [06.16.2013] Beat the Rhythm to my Pace


  • Love Letter (2013, Nagareboshi ver.)


  1. Believe! Morning Musume First Concert Tour ~Believe in Wonderland~ (Debut Concert)
  2. Believe! Morning Musume Concert Tour ~Twintails~
  3. Believe! Morning Musume SPECIAL ~Dance Marathon~ Genki Des Ka!?
  4. Believe! Morning Musume Concert Tour ~Engrish~ Wakaru?
  5. Believe! Morning Musume Concert Tour ~Hi.Mit.Su~
  6. Believe! Morning Musume SPECIAL ~Karaoke Marathon~
  7. Believe! Morning Musume SPECIAL Fanclub Live ~Cinderella~
  8. Believe! Morning Musume Concert ~Ribbons~ Kawaii ne?
  9. Believe! Morning Musume Concert ~Mandi-chan, Okaerinasai! THIS IS FOR YOU~
  10. Lala, Tanaka Reina & Believe! Morning Musume 2012 ~ Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu Lala-senpai, Tanaka-senpai
  11. Believe! 1st Concert Tour ~We did our best~ Eigo Nihonjin
  12. Believe! Morning Musume 2012 Concert Tour ~Anata nashi de nenkan~ Mandi Graduation Special (Mandi's Graduation Concert)
  13. Believe! Morning Musume 2013 World Tour ~Saishi to Saigo~ Mata Aimashou (Final Concert)



  • Reana was the only member who has had experience in dancing in the past
  • Reana was the first member to start liking Hello! Project and later influenced her friends
  • They were all classmates in 5th Grade
  • They went to and still do go to the same school
  • All the members are all the same age.
  • The group was active a little less than a year before disbanding.
  • All the members were all born on the same year.
  • They formed a group when they first met in 5th Grade and maintained that group until disbanding.
  • Instead of the normal school uniform they were given special uniforms in their member colors and use that to go to school
  • All the members of the concert unit Rise Up! want to perform as back up dancers for them.
  • Their group trademark are the Tutus/Puffy Skirts/Frills (Like S/mileage's miniskirt trademark)
  • They have 2 types of performances "Concert" and "SPECIAL"
  • Most of their concerts have more than 20 songs
  • They are one of the only groups to always use the Day After Day format during concerts. This is why their concerts usually have 20+ songs
  • People look up to them in being able to always remember the order of songs and dances during performances
  • Mandi was the first Believe! Morning Musume member to graduate. Also, Mandi was the only member to have left the group twice (Temporary Graduation due to Pneumonia, and her official graduation due to personal issues).